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This is an initiative taken by the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) to create a platform with collaborative efforts with institutions to provide an on-line interface where various academic and administrative tasks can be performed by DTE and institutions under the DTE.

The objectives are manifold as given below :

To provide quality learning resources to students,
To provide platform for industry institute interaction and carrer development support for students,
To reduce the time taken in performing the tasks,
To reduce the unnecessary usage of papers,
To increase the outreach to stakeholders,
To provide necessary statistical data analysis to take faster, efficient, and judicious decision
To increase the transparency in processes, and

Ultimately, to improve the quality of education.


Directorate of Technical Education Government of Gujarat

Block No. 2, 6th Floor,
Karmyogi Bhavan, Sector-10-A
Gandhinagar - 382 010

Phone: (079) 2325 3546
Email: dteguj@gujarat.gov.in